Top Male Sex Toys

For men looking to spice up masturbation, climaxes, or oral sex with their partners, there are plenty of options out there. Many of the toys that make our list of top male sex toys are perfect for stimulating the anus and/or prostate, but some also work on the clitoris, cock, and even the balls.

There are also toys that are perfect for spicing up oral sex with a partner, including the ever-popular cock ring. Some, like this one from THRUST, come with a vibrator that you can use separately from the ring for extra pleasure. Others, like this sex toy from the Fun Factory Manta, are designed for both solo and couples play and can be used on the clitoris, cock, or even the prostate.

If you’re looking for something a little more discreet, check out this fleshlight from Fleshlight called the Ice Lady. It has a real-feel sleeve that’s tight and bumpy with lots of exciting textures, and it has a twist base that you can rotate to find the best angle for your anal entrance. Hundreds of users have left glowing reviews on Lovehoney for this toy, which is available in three different sizes to fit your penis and comes with a sleeve replacement if you accidentally tear or lose it.

Another option for men who are looking to add a little more kink to their masturbation is this fleshlight from We-Vibe called the Vector. It’s made out of a clear Superskin material and has bumps, ridges, and other textures on the inside that feel great. It has a curved base that you can adjust to find your favorite position and a motor that stimulates the prostate area as well as the anus and clitoris.

You might be thinking that all of these male masturbation toys are getting a little pricey, and you’re not entirely wrong. But there are also cheap options out there, like this one from THRUST that costs under $10. This masturbation sleeve is just over 5 inches long and has a bumpy internal texture that feels great when you’re pumping. Bigger guys can get added pleasure by hitting the back wall of the toy with their penis for anal sex.

If you want a more high-tech masturbation toy, this vibrating sleeve from Lovense has tons of settings and can be controlled with an app. It has multiple factory settings, but it’s also possible to create your own and download dick-sucking experiences from other users. It can also be controlled by your partner, which is great for couples and can even help build intimacy in the bedroom. And it’s a lot easier to keep clean than a traditional dildo.

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