What is a Male Stroker Sex Toy?

male stroker sex toy

A male stroker sex toy is an intimate self-pleasure tool that stimulates your penis and can be used alone or with a partner for sexual pleasure. Typically categorized as a masturbator, strokers are sleeve-like toys that people with penises use to masturbate and enhance partnered play by stimulating the shaft, glans and, in some cases, the testicles. Many strokers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Some cover the entire penis, while others are open-ended and some vibrate or suck. They also come with a wide range of features like textured sleeves and vibrations. Some even mimic sensations of anal, vaginal and oral sex. In addition, some are designed specifically for FTM, trans and non-binary people.

Most male masturbators are silicone and can expand to fit a range of penises, though you might want to prioritize strokers with shorter opening diameters if you have a short penis or thinner skin. You might also prefer to focus on open-ended strokers to make insertion and removal easier. If you don’t want to put in the effort of manually manipulating a stroker, consider getting one with an automatic feature that can move the sleeve up and down your penis without any manual input from you. For example, the Handy stroker has an in-built motor that delivers up to 600 strokes per minute and offers a cruise control setting so you can enjoy pleasure hands-free.

Strokers can be used alone but are most effective when used in conjunction with another person. Using a stroker with a partner can increase the intensity of self-pleasure, give you more options and offer new textures, speeds and vibrations to explore. The best partner for a stroker is someone who can massage the tip of your penis, the area around the glans and, in some cases, other erogenous zones such as the balls, perineum, anus, nipples and neck. You might also try mutual masturbation where both partners stroke each other’s penis, or a different erogenous zone together such as the vagina or butt.

One of the most unique strokers is the Tengo Flex and Tetra strokers which are made with a soft, jelly-like material that’s ribbed on the inside and can be twisted or turned to provide multiple sensations. These are great for beginners since they only require a little bit of personal lubrication and are easy to clean.

More advanced options include the Fleshlight QuickShot strokers which are open-ended but have caps on either end to seal off your inner passage and create a more closed experience. These are more expensive than other male masturbators but are among the most realistic and can be used alone or with a lover. The Fleshlight Alana doll is another option that’s made from a soft, warm-to-the-touch TPE blend and has an inner texture of bumps, nubs, ridges, cross patterns and ribs that feel like your actual skin and is temperature responsive to the body’s natural heat.

The Arcwave Voy stroker is the least complicated option of the brand’s male masturbator line and arguably the most realistic. While the Voy might not look as sexy or interesting as other men’s masturbators, it does a good job of mimicking the feel of a blowjob and a handjob thanks to its sleeve’s patented CleanTech technology and its unique internal texture which feels like real skin. The toy also has a cap on each end of its inner passage to vary the amount of pressure that can be applied and is battery-powered for added convenience.

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