The Best Sex Toys For Guys

Men’s bodies are complex, and their sexual pleasure is just as varied. Thanks to innovative thinkers from around the world, there are tons of options on the market to make masturbation a more exciting affair for guys of all shapes and sizes. But if you’re new to male sex toys, the head-spinning assortment can feel overwhelming. We talked to experts and dudes alike to learn about some of the best sex toys for guys (and penis-owners), from high-tech vibrators that are hygienic and travel-friendly to strokers that offer an experience like no other.

A sleeve that can be filled with warm or cold water to create sensations that are cool, hot, or somewhere in between, the Flutter is a must for anyone who wants to bring a little extra excitement to their masturbation routine. Its sleeve is also designed to stretch and conform to any size penis, which helps ensure a comfortable fit. And the toy’s USB rechargeable motor provides a variety of vibration patterns, speed, and intensities to explore.

This stroker from renowned masturbation company TENGA comes with a lot of different features that help set it apart from its competitors. “It’s got all these grooves and bumps and cutouts that make it really good to run against your cock,” says Steve V. Rodriguez of the Talk About Gay Sex podcast, who calls it his favorite sex toy for guys. It’s slim enough to slip inside the mouth, so you can reach the inner cock and tease out all sorts of fun sensations.

Unlike most strokers, which are made from rigid plastic, this one has a flexible silicone sleeve that moves with you and can be filled with a wide variety of lubricants to explore the toy’s inner ridges, bubbles, and cutouts. It’s also water-resistant for aquatic adventures, and its internal motor offers a range of vibe speeds and patterns to explore.

If you’re looking for something that can be used for pegging or strap-on play without a harness, this double-sided dildo is a must. It has a long shaft for pegging, but the shorter end is smooth and can be used to massage your cock. The toy is also hygienic and travel-friendly, and its body is made from a mix of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic.

This toy from a sex toy brand known for its luxury offerings is a must for any guy who’s ready to try prostate stimulation. Its two separate motors target the base and tip of your penis for a combination that’s sure to please, especially with a lube that can be warmed or cooled to add different sensations. Its sleek and discreet design also makes it a great option for travel, with the ability to easily slip it in or out of your pocket.

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