Hands Free Masturbators For Men

Hands free masturbators are a great way to get strong sensations and trigger orgasms without having to manually stroke and tease your erection. They’re also super versatile – you can use them alone, with a partner or in intimate situations, and some even have extra features that take pleasure to the next level like mobile app control, VR compatibility, and more.

There are lots of different hands-free masturbators out there – some of them are just automated strokers that prick your penis, while others have internal bumps and ridges to simulate the sensations of a real mouth, vagina or anus. Some of them also sheath your nipples for added sensations. Others have suction cups so you can secure them to almost any surface for an easy-going solo session.

You can find a hand-free masturbator for men at almost any sexual toy store, or online. But you’ll want to read the description carefully and make sure it’s safe for your penis and erection. You’ll also want to look for a good warranty if you plan on buying one online. It’s always best to buy your sex toy from a reputable dealer who will refund or replace it if it turns out to be defective or unsafe.

Most hands-free masturbators are made from nonporous, durable materials like silicone or TPE that closely mimic the feel of your erogenous zone. Some of them, like the Fleshlight sleeves, are even made from a special patented material called Superskin, which is meant to be even closer to the feeling of your own skin. They’re also super easy to clean – just remove the sleeve and wash it with mild soap or sex toy cleaner in warm water, then rinse it and dry it before putting it back in its case.

Some of these toys have a touch-sensitive control pad, making it easy to scroll through 30 different vibration patterns and settings, while some like the Kiiroo Titan have an integrated remote for a more hands-on experience. And while it may take some practice to get your first hands-free orgasm, it’s definitely worth the effort – especially if you enjoy a lot of friction and can feel the vibrations against your erection.

Whether you’re using your hands-free masturbator to stimulate yourself or with a partner, it’s important to prepare the stage and set the mood before you start. Light some candles, draw a hot bath, turn on some sensual music – whatever you need to relax and let the pleasure take over. Remember to apply a good amount of water-based lubricant to reduce friction, and you’ll be well on your way to a heavenly orgasm.

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