How to Choose the Best Masturbation Toy

best masturbation toy

Whether you prefer to masturbate solo or as a couple, there are tons of great masturbation toys out there. Some are designed specifically for penetrative sex while others are more gentle and can be used with lube. Some have multiple vibration modes while others offer a simple but highly effective design. Some are even waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. Finally, some are battery-powered while others are rechargeable.

The size of your masturbation toy will also impact its usability and ease of storage. You’ll find small and portable masturbators that can fit right in your pocket, while larger adult toys will require more space and often have a more powerful motor. Lastly, you’ll want to consider whether you’d like a sleeve that is tightly contoured or a more loose fit to create a more stimulating sensation.

Some men’s masturbators have a variety of textures to choose from including bumps, ridges, and fangs for a truly lifelike experience. Add a good amount of water-based lube and this toy will give you an orgasm unlike any other.

Other toy brands like Fleshlight offer a range of strokers that can be used for both penetrative sex and masturbation. Their Quickshot Vantage is a perfect example of this. This stroker features a tight canal for guys with smaller dicks and a soft, supple silicone sleeve. It also has a position button that allows you to target the shaft, middle or tip for even more sensation and is easily cleaned with water.

There are also many male masturbators that offer a suctioning sensation. These are great for beginners or those that want to increase their sensation but still need to work up to full masturbation. Most of these toys are also very easy to clean and are usually a lot more discreet than full masturbators.

Most of these masturbation toys have a lot of vibration options and intensity levels to help increase the pleasure as you get more comfortable using it. They can also be controlled via the app so you can tweak it to exactly how you like it.

If you’re looking for a high-tech masturbation toy that will give you a ton of orgasms try the Lelo F1s. This sleeve has 2 motors, a heating feature, 10 sensors and LELO’s SenSonic tech which provides a unique sensation by stroking the entire penis rather than just hitting individual nerve endings.

Other masturbation toys have a sleeve that is shaped to mimic the feel of a blowjob. These are very effective for most people but can be a little too intense for first-time use and may cause some pain on the sensitive areas of the penis. You’ll want to start on a lower setting and work your way up.

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