Top Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys help men boost pleasure for themselves and with partners, and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and functionality. Some, like penis vibrators and strokers, are designed to stimulate the shaft of the penis or the testicles. Others, such as cock rings and prostate massagers, are a bit more unassuming. Many are made from body-safe materials that make them easy to clean. As with any sex toy, it’s important to use them with lubrication for the best results.

These men’s sex toys have received the highest reviews on the market, from real blokes who actually tried them out and used them for sexual pleasure. Some are even medically beneficial, and can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, orgasm disorders, and other sexual side effects of medications, health issues or menopause.

One of the most innovative male sex toys recently released is the HEX condom from LELO. This toy, which was a successful Kickstarter campaign, uses 350 interconnected hexagons to create a rubber that’s stronger and thinner than traditional condoms. It also has a built-in vibrator that gives a sensation similar to a clitoris. It’s the first time such a device has been created for men.

Another sex toy to watch out for is the Tenuto from Japanese masturbation company TENGA. This stretchy ring, which looks more like a set of colorful eggs than a male masturbator, is designed to stimulate the shaft, perineum and clitoris all at once. There are six vibrating motors in this toy that can be controlled individually or together, and it can even be adjusted by a partner during penetration.

Other sex toys for men include penis massagers that feature a squishy texture that feels good on the head of the penis, and strokers with tight silicone lips that can be used to kiss or deepthroat the shaft. There are also a number of cock rings that come in multiple textures and styles that can be used for both penetrative and non-penetrative stimulation. Some have textured bumps, nodules and ridges that can feel like a finger sliding over the skin. There are also cock ring massagers that can vibrate, pulse or heat up for extra pleasure.

And if you want to enjoy mutual jacking off with a buddy, there are several different types of double-ended dildos that are perfect for two guys. For example, this black 18-inch dildo from Mr S Leather has a penis-like head on either end, and can be used for both anal and oral stimulation.

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