Top Male Sex Toys

top male sex toys

The best male sex toys come in many shapes, sizes and designs. They range from simple cock rings to male masturbators designed to squirt pleasure fluid deep inside the anal area. They also include toys that work on the balls and, even more erotically, the prostate. Many are remote controlled and can be used with a partner to boost intimacy or turn solo play into out-of-this world sessions. And, like the old adage goes, different strokes for different folks: Some guys prefer a firm feel to their male orgasm, while others are more into the vibration of penis-based toys or, as we’ll see below, anal massagers and plugs.

It’s estimated that men make up 11 percent of the sex toy market, and there is no shortage of toys designed to stimulate all parts of a man’s body. Some men choose to use a variety of toys, which is great because they offer the chance to explore new sensations with their partners and also provide plenty of options for solo exploration. But while much attention is given to Fleshlights, there are many other toys on the market that deserve some of the spotlight.

A lot of men love a good stroker. They’re easy to store (or stash away), and many are made of soft, sensuous material that’s a pleasure to touch. Some have a sleeve that can be tightened or loosened for added suction, while others, such as Lelo’s Satisfyer, have an internal core to deliver powerful sonic stimulation. The Satisfyer is also compatible with app-enabled vibrators to create a customized experience.

If you’re looking for something that can be used alone or with a partner, then we recommend checking out the Hot Octopuss Pulse iii. It’s an ingenious toy that allows you to experience “ballgasm” by turning your testicles into a dildo. The device also has a cooling element to boost comfort and, when used with lube, can even induce a penetrative sensation.

Besides being a great toy for anyone who’s into their balls, it also helps people with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. And because it doesn’t require your penis to be erect, it’s a safe and non-invasive way for people with ED to enjoy stimulation.

The anus is one of the more under-utilised pleasure areas for men, but it’s full of sensitive nerve endings that can easily achieve an orgasm with the right toy. There are a few great options on the market, such as the Lovehoney High Roller, which is a dildo-like toy with a sleeve of soft Cyberskin that’s ribbed for extra sensation and is easy to clean. It’s a great choice for men who are just getting started with anal-based toy use.

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