Hands Free Masturbators

Hands free masturbators are an exciting new way to experience pleasure and bring a whole new level of excitement to solo play. These sex toys let you explore your senses without having to use your hands and can help you reach orgasm much faster than you would with traditional methods alone. They’re available with a range of intensities, textures and speeds to suit your needs and many are also waterproof so you can enjoy them in the bath or shower.

The first thing to consider when selecting a hands-free masturbator is the material of which it’s constructed. Silicone and TPE are popular materials used to make these toys as they offer a soft and smooth feel that’s similar to the feeling of real skin. Some brands like Fleshlight even use their super secret patented Superskin, designed to feel even closer to your own mouth, vagina or anus to create more realistic sensations and experiences.

Once you know what material your chosen masturbator is made from, the next thing to look at is its sexy features and functions. Some of these masturbators come with a remote control, a Bluetooth connection, motion sensors and virtual reality capabilities to take your experience to the next level. If you’re going for something more simple, there are masturbators that simply slip over your member, providing a variety of internal noodles, stroker sleeves, vibrations and thrusting movements to stimulate the entire area.

Another option is a hands-free masturbator that has a suction cup design to help you feel the full sensation of penetration. This type of toy has a pump that seals around the genitals and pumps air out at a regular rate to create a powerful suction sensation that brings intense pleasure, climax and orgasm for you. Some of these devices are also designed to simulate the feeling of intercourse by bringing in a different type of sensation, such as the arousal and ecstasy that comes with anal stimulation.

No matter which type of hands-free masturbator you choose, it’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions and care for the product properly to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene. Always use a good quality lubricant before and after using your masturbator, and keep it clean between uses by washing with warm soapy water and a sex toy cleaner. It’s also a good idea to store your hands-free masturbator somewhere safe and dry between use to extend its lifespan and avoid any issues with rust or infection.

Whether you choose a simple stroker sleeve masturbator, an automatic blowjob machine or one of the more advanced options on the market, a hands-free masturbator will allow you to enjoy an exciting new way to experience self-pleasure and get your mind off the things that are stressing you out and putting a damper on your mood. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, and give your body the love it deserves.

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