Top Male Sex Toys For Stronger Orgasms

top male sex toys

From Fleshlights to strokers, men’s pleasure toys have never had more variety. The options range from simple and sleek to powerful and discreet, so whether you’re on a solo journey or looking to intensify a masturbation session with a partner, there’s something for everyone here. These top male sex toys are more than just titillating, they can help to stimulate areas that might not otherwise get stimulated with a regular handjob or blow job. Plus, some can even elicit orgasms that are 33 percent stronger than those from penile penetration alone, according to LELO.

Many of these toys are specifically designed to stimulate the prostate or testicles, and they all offer something different for guys to enjoy. Some are made to be inserted, like the new Exo, which is soft and flexible enough to fit any size of penis, and ribbed for an extra sensual feel. It works best with a water-based lubricant, which helps to protect the toy from friction and wear and tear as it’s rubbed against the flesh.

Prostate play is gaining popularity as research shows that stimulating the gland can increase orgasms and lead to firmer, thicker erections. One option that is discreet and easy to hide, the new Ohnut by Fleshlight, has a series of stretchy rings that are slidable so they can be adjusted for different sizes of penises. Another option is the Manta by Fun Factory, a wrench-like vibrator that’s perfect for stroking the shaft. It has 6 vibe speeds and patterns, and the head is contoured to flex around your penis with ridges that hold lubricant for added sensation.

Other prostate-specific toys, like We-Vibe’s Vector, feature a double motor that targets the frenulum, which is “a hot spot of nerve endings” near the base of the prostate, says Bard. It has an open sleeve to accommodate flaccid penises and is ribbed for extra stimulation, and it’s also travel-friendly so you can use it while traveling or at work.

There are also smart toys for guys that let you play with a toy over the Internet or through an app, including the popular sex toy Fleshlight’s Quickshot Vantage and We-Vibe’s new sex toy for men, the We-Connect. This toy is connected to a smartphone, which allows you to sync it with porn videos and even control the experience through your fingertips.

A few other options are more traditional, like the new Handy stroker from We-Vibe. It’s a little more compact than the Manta and has a softer silicone head that feels good against the penis. It’s also ribbed for extra sensation and can be used with a lubricant or as an addition to a regular handjob or blow job. The sleeve fits any size of penis and is designed to pop in and out easily, and the handle is textured so it’s comfortable for gripping and stroking. It also works as a G-spot toy, and it can even be used during intercourse, which is why we named it one of the top male sex toys for 2023.

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